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Recipes on Tap.

How to use the Beer Dial:
- Dial your Beer profile
- Tap through food categories
- Pair your Beer with a recipe

What the dial does:
- Beer profiling
- Beer serving instructions
- Beer expiration
- Beer pairing
- 100+ recipes
- Charcuterie and cheese pairing
- Cooking and preparation times
- Independent recipe and ingredients columns
Matching Beers and recipes is tedious for the novice and experienced sommelier alike. The Beer Dial has simplified the process with an intuitive user-interface, and an up-front approach to navigating the complexities of Beer pairing.

Each wine is colored coded by it’s respective color profile, and accompanied with serving, preparation, and expiration details. Flavors are easily sorted by dialing through profiles, making exploration convenient while eliminating app fatigue from deep diving into endless content streams.

The Beer Dial contains 8 Beer profiles;
- Pale lagers
- Indian Ales
- Pilsners
- Pale Ales
- Hafeweizen
- Wheat Beers
- Amber Ales
- Brown Ales
- Porters
- Dry Stouts
- Cream Stouts

The Beer Dial contains 10 food pairing categories;
- Vegetables
- Rich Seafoods
- Fish
- Seasoned Cheeses
- Starches
- Soft Cheeses
- White Meats
- Red Meats
- Cured Meats
- Sweets

Each pairing contains 3-7 recipes per food category, and each wine profile has up to 7 food pairs. That’s 10 food categories, 1-7 food profiles per Beer profile, totaling 100+ recipes, including charcuterie and cheese recommendations.

Recipes are on a simple carousel by tapping forward or tap backward. And when using the Beer Dial on your iPad, you’ll have the benefit of a 2-colum recipe window; 1 column for ingredients, and 1 column for instructions. Each column is independently scrollable, making it easy to reference recipes and instructions without endlessly scrolling back and forth.

Head Recipe Planning is Eeasy.

Age Restricted for Alcohol. Aged 21 and up, or see your country'a local laws for using this application or consuming alcohol.
Plan wisely.


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Price : $1.99

Food & Drink
Deli Empire Inc.
21.5 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


What's New

Pour updates - 032817
Chinese recipe support
Korean recipe support


Caker/Uploader : Ghay

Date : 2017-06-18 7:05     Version:1.1 Link Report

Caker/Uploader : Ghay

Date : 2017-06-18 7:05     Version:1.1 Link Report

Caker/Uploader : Ghay

Date : 2017-06-18 7:05     Version:1.1 Link Report

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