Story2Go Interactive Book Creator

Price : $2.99


Make interactive books with your iPad! Create an app from your book!
Create your own app book or web-book!

Publish your interactive publication to your AppStore account or embed the interactive publication you made in your website! This means that you can have your material in application format and have a copy of the very same work on your web page, or you can have only one of these two!

It is easy to handle but looks very professional - a unique editor with standalone application outputs to both major mobile operational systems and also with a web output for your publication.

It is a brand new software for creating interactive applications right on your iPad, and have a full preview of your work in the process. Story2Go enables you to enjoy creative freedom without being a mobile application developer. You can easily put your existing texts, graphics, photos together, add sounds and visual effects, then choose between multiple languages to add to your publication.

See more tutorials on! You can make leaflets, catalogues, comics, cook books and children books or simply animate your photo collection! Once you finished, you can register and upload your work to our website, and your application will be published straight to your AppStore account.

If you want to share your work you can add your animated publication to your blog, or embed it in your web page using the web output of our editor.

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Story2Go Interactive Book Creator

Price : $2.99

BookAffect Korlatolt Felelossegu Tarsasag
346 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.

What's New

Fixed a few bugs that stopped the software from working on a couple of devices.

Added new features:
-Possibility of changing the anchor points of layers.
-Scrollable pages that allow the creations of for example magazines.
-New Effects: Move From, Fade From, Scale From. These allow moving, scaling, or fading by setting the point of departure of the animation, instead of it's finishing point. This allows the creation of a page where the images are coming from the outside in, but you don't need to move them outside your working interface.
-There is a question mark which means “Help” that takes you to where the tutorial videos are.


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